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The Education Development Committee adopted a three-pronged approach to their program design:  partnerships and grant writing; teen workshops; and Reading is Fundamental (RIF).  The following activities are representative of their efforts:

  • The committee executed several activities with the Scotland community.  Freed slaves founded this historic community in the 1800s in what is now Potomac, MD
  • With the assistance of a $950 grant from the Montgomery County’s Under 21 Substance Abuse Program, the committee implemented a program with the youth of the historic Scotland community to educate service area teens about the dangers of under-age drinking and drug abuse

Other activities with the Scotland youth included:

  • A fashion Careers dialogue and dinner for girls at Metamorphosis Boutique
  • Sports Management Careers and lunch for boys at Verizon Center
  • Black History Month interactive program for boys and girls at Button Farm where the students learned about the lives of slaves in Maryland.
  • College planning workshop highlighting financial aid applications, college life, and sound decision making
  •  The Reading is Fundamental program was conducted at Clopper Mill Elementary School. With a $450 award from FirstBook,  the committee was able to provide over 400 books for students at Clopper Mill Elementary School’s 3rdgrade classes.  The committee’s efforts aided in an increase in reading skills amongst the students.