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The  Physical and Mental Health Committee’s programmatic thrust focused on improving the quality of life for adults and teens.  The Committee’s activities supported the following programs:

  • A Blood Pressure Screening for chapter members to educate them about the dangers of high blood pressure and its relationship to heart disease and strokes
  • A “Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Teens” Workshop at the Tony Davis Resource Center in Germantown for the Delta Gems that emphasized the importance of physical fitness and healthy food choices
  • The Buddy Check 9 Initiative to prompt chapter members  to do a breast self-exam on the 9th of each month and then remind their Soror-buddy to do the same.  As an ongoing initiative, chapter members are encouraged to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer
  • A Diabetes Prevention Information Session for chapter members to explain the causes, risk factors, warning signs, and prevention tips of diabetes as well as the relationship of the disease to eye and other organ problems
  • The “Grandparents as Partners in Addressing Childhood Obesity” Campaign funded by a grant from the Institute for the Advancement of Multicultural and Minority Medicine to increase awareness of childhood obesity, its health implications, and ways it can be addressed in homes, schools, and communities